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Here I include my rate for live solo guitar music & give information regarding signing up for private lessons with me. You can expect good and professional service from me. When contacted, you will receive a response within 24 hours.


Short Bio
Richard is my name. Guitar is my game. "Enriching lives with heartfelt music" is my mission statement. I have over 20 years of experience in classical piano and over 15 years of experience playing guitar. I've been playing jazz for over 8 years and have been gigging at restaurants, weddings, private parties and events, some fundraisers and some community service gigs at convalescents for over 7 years. Music is my passion and I make sure it comes from the heart and is done with excellence. My music is perfect for background dinner or party music because it is both intriguing (for those desiring to listen) or just good ambient background music to set a pleasant and enjoyable mood for the event. I require very little space with my stool, guitar amp and guitar case. I can also do outdoor events with no electricity using a battery powered amp. I can bring a mic if needed for such outdoor events.
My standard rate is $100 per hour for live solo guitar music. This rate is good for most things like private parties and events with the exception of weddings. Payment for services is to be collected at the beginning of event. You can pay using check, cash or by paypal using the link:
For weddings it depends on location (distance of event) and whether ceremony and/or dancing music is needed or just background music for the reception. For the reception (with the exception of distance of event) the standard rate applies ($100 per hour). If ceremony music is needed (wedding party entrance, bridal entrance & the exit of the new couple) then there's just a flat fee of $300 (which includes travel time and all other expenses). If reception music is needed in addition to the ceremony music then the $300 fee will include up to two hours of reception music.
If my rate is too much please contact me anyway because I occasionally offer discounts and am willing to work (within reason) to fit the budget of the customer.
Contact Information
You can contact me by phone at (925) 628-9548 or by email at
If you're a small business owner, such as a restaurant owner or winery owner, then my rate above doesn't apply to that situation. Please contact me to work out a pricing that is feasible for both sides.
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I started music at age five playing the piano. My parents took me to a John Tesh concert at the Concord Pavilion and ever since then I knew I wanted to be a professional musician. I pursued a classical piano career and then picked up the guitar at age ten taking a beginner's guitar class at my local community college with my mom. After teaching myself songs from my favorite rock bands, my first guitar instructor introduced me to jazz and Joe Pass. Ever since then, my musical path has forever been transformed and jazz guitar, especially solo jazz guitar, has been my biggest musical pursuit. Classical piano has always maintained a big part of me, but it is in jazz guitar that I decided to pursue a performing career. I'm currently pursuing my bachelor's of music in jazz guitar performance at the accredited and acclaimed, California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, CA. I have the honor of studying under jazz guitarist Mimi Fox and am always learning and striving be better in music, life and all that I do. I've been the house guitarist at CAP'S Oak Street Bar & Grill for over two years, playing weekly two nights a week for three hours. If you'd like a referall please give them a call. I also ocassionally play at The Lone Tree Golf Center for their Sunday Brunch. I travel pretty much anywhere in the Bay Area for gigs.


Regarding teaching, it is my first desire to pass on a love and passion for music. When it comes to the fundamentals I teach out of the Hal Leonard Guitar Method books (for guitar students) and the Piano Adventures series by Nancy Faber (for piano students). I try to develop the student strong in the basics of reading music, understanding rhythm, keeping time and music theory. I try to get the student to learn how to play with someone else right away because it is an immensely important skill to have and it's also loads of fun to have the ability to play along with any other instrument or an accompanying cd. Apart from the fundamentals, I try to gear the lessons to the individual student as much as possible helping that student to realize his or her musical dreams and how to get there effectively.

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